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Re: st: Using outreg2 within a loop

From   John Luke Gallup <>
Subject   Re: st: Using outreg2 within a loop
Date   Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:56:44 -0800


There is probablly a way to do this in -outreg2-, but I am not familiar with its details.

If it is useful, though, you can do what you are looking for with -outreg-, also an SSC user-written command:

outreg, clear
forvalues i = 1(1)5 {
	xttobit dep_var `controls' if period == `i', ll(0)
	outreg using "C\file.doc", bdec(2) squarebrack keep(var1 var2) ///
		summstat(r2_a) summtitle(Adj. R-squared) merge

The -keep- option strips off the sigma statistics (and the constant).  Note that there doesn't seem to be an e(r2_a) statistic saved by -xttobit-, however.  The outreg -merge- option can be used in the first iteration of a loop even if there is nothing to merge to, but it requires the -outreg, clear- command preceding the loop to prevent the endless accumulation of new columns of results when you rerun the .do file.


On Feb 13, 2013, at 6:43 AM, Suryadipta Roy <> wrote:

> Dear Statalisters,
> I am using the following form of code to get the regression results
> within a table using -outreg2- :
> forvalues i = 1(1)5 {
> xttobit dep_var `controls' if period == `i', ll(0)
> outreg2 using "C:\file.doc", nocons tstat dec(2) bracket keep(var1
> var2) addstat(Adj. R-squared, e(r2_a)) word label `append'
> local append "append"
> }
> When the file gets saved, two separate columns for "sigma_u" and
> "sigma_e" are added for each of the five regressions. While I can
> delete the columns manually, I was wondering if there is a suggestion
> as to how to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Any
> suggestion is greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Suryadipta.
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