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Re: st: Tobit graphics

From   Nick Cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Tobit graphics
Date   Sat, 29 Dec 2012 16:03:20 +0000

In this kind of problem I usually declare

yaxis(1 2)

and then if stuff I want is in the wrong place so far as I am concerned I write


instead of


and/or vice versa.


On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 6:23 PM, Kakouros, Nikolaos
<> wrote:

> The plot thickens on the Tobit graphics.
> marginsplot, recast(line) recastci(rarea) addplot( (scatter x y) (lfictci x2 y2) (scatter x2 y2))
> worked, but the second set of data needs a different y axis.
> I tried
> marginsplot, recast(line) recastci(rarea) addplot( (scatter x y) (lfictci x2 y2, yaxis(2)) (scatter x2 y2, yaxis(2)))
> but the second y axis ends up stacked on the left rather than being on the right.

Kakouros, Nikolaos

> Trust me, Dr Cox. For me to get this to work, quite a bit of luck would be needed.
> Your recommendation worked, though.
> I used
> marginsplot, recast(line) recastci(rarea) addplot( (scatter x y) (lfictci x2 y2) (scatter x2 y2))
> and it worked great!

Nick Cox

> Not clear why luck should be needed, but it's not necessary to specify -twoway-. Otherwise specify what kind of error message you got.

On 27 Dec 2012, at 13:21, "Kakouros, Nikolaos"

>> Ro'I,
>> Many thanks - that works great!  I changed recastci(rline) to
>> (rarea) to get the same shaded CI effect as lfitci.
>> Now - is it possible to show this data on the same graph as the other
>> dataset's scatter and lfitci?
>> I tried
>> marginsplot, recast(line) recastci(rarea) addplot(twoway (scatter x
>> y) (lfictci x2 y2) (scatter x2 y2))
>> I also tried
>> Twoway (marginsplot, recast(line) recastci(rarea) addplot(scatter x
>> y)) (lfictci x2 y2) (scatter x2 y2)
>> with no luck...

Ro'i Zultan

>> I think the following should work for you:
>> tobit x y, ll(0)
>> margins, at(y=(0(10)100))
>> marginsplot, recast(line) recastci(rline) addplot(scatter x y)
>> With the margins parameters adjusted for your data.

2012/12/26 Kakouros, Nikolaos <>

>>> I have a set of data and using a twoway scatter and lfitci to show
>>> graphically along with the least-squares regression line and
>>> confidence intervals.
>>> Another set of data, however, is heavily censored with the dependent
>>> variable hitting a floor at 0 (and about a third of values actually
>>> being at zero).
>>> I noted the recent discussion on Tobit, chaired by Maarten Buis.
>>> I used tobit x y, ll(0)  for the regression but not sure how to
>>> recreate the lfitci output (regression line and confidence intervals)
>>> using the tobit regression info to produce the scatter graphic.
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