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Re: Re: Re: st: Tabulate summary statistics by percentiles and save output

From   annoporci <>
Subject   Re: Re: Re: st: Tabulate summary statistics by percentiles and save output
Date   Sat, 29 Dec 2012 17:35:25 +0800

Nick wrote:
You miss my point, which is that you are expected to explain the
provenance of user-written commands, as a courtesy to other members of
the list, and to the authors who deserve their credit. This is
explained in the FAQ.

Of course.

As far as I could make out, there are at least two authors for the user-written commands I cited. Ben Jann is the author of -estout- and the related -esttab- and -estpost- while Ian Watson is the author of -tabout-. Below I provide a summary of the information I could gather, in no particular order.


Author: Ian Watson

Brief description:

tabout is a table building program for oneway and twoway tables of frequencies and percentages, and for summary tables.



Author: Ben Jann

Brief description:

The estout package provides tools for making regression tables in Stata


Jann, Ben (2005): Making regression tables from stored estimates. The Stata Journal 5(3): 288-308.

Jann, Ben (2007): Making regression tables simplified. The Stata Journal 7(2): 227-244.


Author: Ben Jann

Brief description:

a wrapper for -estout



Author: Ben Jann

Brief description:

esttab and estout tabulate the e()-returns of a command, but not all commands return their results in e(). estpost is a tool make results from some of the most popular of these non-"e-class" commands available for tabulation. It collects results and posts them in an appropriate form in e().


See also -eststo- -estadd-

Quoting from Ben Jann:

"estout owes much to John Luke Gallup's outreg and official Stata's estimates. Furthermore, the idea to provide the adaptive display format was motivated by Roy Wada's outreg2."

See also:


Author: Roy Wada, based on the earlier works by John Luke Gallup


Author: John Luke Gallup


Information gathered on the internet, based on the first few google "hits," hopefully correct but copy-pasted here without guarantee.

Patrick Toche.
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