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st: Esttab outputs too few columns in Latex style

From   Bert Jung <>
Subject   st: Esttab outputs too few columns in Latex style
Date   Sat, 24 Nov 2012 13:29:38 -0500

Dear Statalisters,

I want to output a matrix as a Latex table using -esttab- (ssc describe
estout; I am using the newest version 3.13  06aug2009 and Stata 12MP).

My below example has a matrix with 4 columns but -esttab- only outputs 2
Latex columns, one of which is the row label.

I can manually specify the table header using the "prehead( )" option but
wonder if I might be missing something fundamental.

A similar issue has come up earlier in the context of -tabstat- but that
was resolved using -estpost tabstat- in this thread:

In my case I cannot avoid outputting a matrix and hence need estout to
output the correct number of columns in that Latex file.

Any pointers welcome!
Thanks Bert

*** Example
mat out = ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )
esttab matrix(out) using test.tex, replace

*** Output: only two columns are listed in {l*{1}{c}} one of which is
the row label.

\begin{tabular}{l*{1}{c}} \hline\hline
            &         out&            &            &            \\
            &          c1&          c2&          c3&          c4\\
r1          &           1&           2&           3&           4\\
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