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st: Haplologit instead of clogit in 1:1 matched study

From   Tasha Amin <>
To   Stata list <>
Subject   st: Haplologit instead of clogit in 1:1 matched study
Date   Wed, 14 Nov 2012 11:34:31 -0500

Has anyone used -haplologit- in a matched case-control study where -clogit- would have been used instead? 

The example in the Stata journal (Marchenko 2008) uses cases and controls that are gender-matched (NAT2 data from section 2.2 of the paper), but it's not clear if this is frequency matched or 1:1 matching. 

In my study, my controls are individually matched to cases and I would have used -clogit- to analyze. Is -haplologit- appropriate to account for this matched design? 

I am using Stata 11 and this is the basic set up so far.I have survival data where I use incidence density sampling and individual matching and then -clogit.

stset duration, id(id) failure(case==1)
set seed 80223
sttocc, number(2) match(ethnicity)
clogit _case x1 x2, group(_set) or

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Tasha Amin
PhD Student, Epidemiology 		 	   		  
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