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st: svyset

From   Rebecca Pietrelli <>
Subject   st: svyset
Date   Fri, 2 Nov 2012 12:06:37 +0100


I really hope anyone can help me.
I am using the Stata command svyset in order to declare the survey
design to files of my dataset (Uganda Migration Housolds Survey 2010).

The sampling design is two-stage stratified.
In the first stage: enumeration areas - EAs - (PSU) were selected,
separately for rural and
urban areas. The applied procedure is a PPS (proportionally done based
on the number of households in the respective stratum according to the
2006 Uganda household survey) combined with a systematic approach.
In the second stage: households were selected in each EA, using a
systematic procedure (4 hhs with international migrants, 3 with
internal migrants and 3 without migrants).

I think to use the following command:

svyset psu_var [pw=hhweights_var], strata(strata1_var) fpc(fpc1) ||
_n, strata(strata2_var) fpc(fpc2).

I have the following doubts:

1) I am not sure if the first stage is with or without replacement (It
is not mentioned in any part of the report!!!). I suppose that a PPS
combined with a systematic procedure is without replacement. Is this
assumption correct?

2) I have the strata1_var (rural or urban) but I don't have the
strata2_var. In that case, should I create it? (for ex. strata2 = 1 if
hh does not have migrants, = 2 if it has internal migrants and = 3 if
it has international migrants).

3) I don't have fpc in the data. I think to create them as
[(N-n)/(N-1)]^(1/2). So in the first stage, is N the total number of
EAs in Uganda or is it the total number of hhs living in Uganda?

Thank you very much for your help and time.

Thank you very much for any help.
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