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st: spmap

From   "Lynn Lee" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: spmap
Date   Sun, 23 Sep 2012 11:01:18 +0800

Dear Prof.  Pisati, 

I greatly appreciate for your kind and detailed explanation to my question.
Your suggestion is a very good guidance for a learner.

Best Regards,
Lynn Lee

-----Original Message-----
[] On Behalf Of Maurizio Pisati
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 12:58 AM
Subject: Re: st: spmap

Dear Lynn,
it takes a careful reading of the help file and a little bit of
experimentation for getting the desired results with -spmap- -- admittedly,
not the easiest Stata command to use.
As you correctly noticed, suboption -label()- of option -label()- accepts
only one variable. So, how can one plot the labels stored in two different
variables? In Stata terms, to solve this problem one must move from a -wide-
to a -long- perspective. In practice, this means to generate two variables:
(a) one -- the "labvar_lb" variable in -spmap- parlance -- will store all
the desired labels, stacked over each other;
(b) the other -- the "byvar_lb" variable in -spmap- parlance -- will store a
label identifier (taking, e.g., value 1 for the first set of labels, value 2
for the second set of labels, and so on).
Once we have the "labvar_lb" and "byvar_lb" variables, we can use -spmap- as
Here's an example using the datasets that come with -spmap-:

. use "Italy-RegionsData.dta", clear
. generate labtype=1
. append using "Italy-RegionsData.dta"
. replace labtype = 2 if labtype==.
. generate label = region if labtype==1
. replace label = string(relig1,"%4.1f") if labtype==2 . keep xcoord ycoord
label labtype . save "Labels.dta", replace

. use "Italy-RegionsData.dta", clear
. spmap using "Italy-RegionsCoordinates.dta", id(id)
label(data("Labels.dta") x(xcoord) y(ycoord) ///
  label(label) by(labtype) size(*0.7 ..) position(12 0))

Best wishes,

Il giorno 22/set/2012, alle ore 15.26, Lynn Lee ha scritto:

> Dear Prof. Pisati,
> I am really sorry, but I still do not fully understand the -by()- option.
> -label()- option only allows one variable in bracket, -by()- is to 
> group labels, but I do not want to group them. I have two variables 
> "ename" and "GDP" to be labeled, if I write -label(label(ename) 
> label(GDP))-, it is wrong. If I write -label(label(ename) by(GDP))-, 
> it shows ename only, no GDP value added on the map.  From definition 
> of -by()-, it should be possible to add more than one labels. But I do 
> not know how to add another label correctly. Could you please give me some
> Best Regards,
> Lynn Lee
> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> [] On Behalf Of Maurizio 
> Pisati
> Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2012 7:30 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: st: spmap
> Dear Lynn,
> yes, it's possible, you can plot as many different labels as you like 
> using suboption -by()- of option -label()-. See the -spmap- help file 
> for exact syntax and details.
> Best wishes,
> Maurizio

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