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st: update for -labutil2- on SSC

From   daniel klein <>
Subject   st: update for -labutil2- on SSC
Date   Tue, 4 Sep 2012 11:54:34 +0200

Thanks as always to Kit Baum, an update for the -labutil2- package is
now available from the SSC.

Besides minor bug fixes and enhancements, the update includes a series
of revised help files. For those interested, here is why I changed the
help files.

After a longer discussion with Daniel Possenriede, a user of
-labutil2-, we agreed that some of the programs violate Stata
conventions, as value labels and/or variables not explicitly specified
by the user are modified. This is not because of a bug, but because I
allow the user to specify a varlist to refer to value labels of these
variables. For me this feature is convenient, but I understand that it
might be confusing, and might bite someone not familiar with the

We also agreed that the help files were not clear enough on this
point. I therefore decided to revise the help files for programs that
do only change value labels, as I feel a detailed description of  what
exactly the programs do in from of a reminder section is sufficient in
these cases.

For one program,  -labrec-, I believe the problem is somewhat more
severe. Here additionally to the variables specified, other variables
are changed without the user ever specifying their names. Since I did
not want to change the (default) behavior, in case someone used
-labrec- in a do-file, I decided to only revise the help file. I
additionally included a new program -labrecode-, which essentially has
the same features as -labrec-. Here specifying variables to refer to
value labels is still allowed, but has to be requested by the user,
specifying a -nostrict- option.

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