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Re: st: Regular expressions with locals

From   Tirthankar Chakravarty <>
Subject   Re: st: Regular expressions with locals
Date   Mon, 25 Jun 2012 23:24:45 -0700

I am pretty sure there are easier ways to do what you are trying
(generating dummies using some kind of -xi- and then retrieving the
logical conditions which generated those conditions using the
auto-generated variables names), here is some code that does what you

local dumnames
forvalues i = 1/10 {
	local dumnames "`dumnames' _Iphstat_`i'"
di "`dumnames'"

foreach x of local dumnames {
	if regexm("`x'", "^_I([A-Za-z0-9-]+)_([0-9])$") {
		local dumcond`i' "`=regexs(1)'=`=regexs(2)'"
		di "`dumcond`i''"

You should be able to make this code much more compact by getting rid
of the loop.

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:33 PM, Anthony Hong <> wrote:
> Hello!  I have in a local macro a list of variables such as _Iphstat_1
> from xi: logistic.  I would like to remove the _I from the beginning
> and the _# from the end and create a new local with simply a string
> "phstat = 1".
> How might I go about doing this?
> I realize this can be done with various string functions, but I'm
> curious about the regex commands.
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Tirthankar Chakravarty

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