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re:st: Re: Quadratic Instrumental Variables

From   Mojgan Stegl <>
Subject   re:st: Re: Quadratic Instrumental Variables
Date   Tue, 03 Jan 2012 09:27:14 +0100

Thank you Christoper for your helpful hints you have kindly referred me to!

Best wishes

Zitat von Christopher Baum <>:

Is it possible to use quadratic instrumental variables on Stata using
  ivregress command?

fertility = a0 +a1 x education + a2 x ...+ u

education is endogenous so i will use distance to Tehran and square
distance to Tehran as instruments. The reduced form equation:

education = b0 + b1x distance to Tehran + b2 x (distance to Tehran)^2

This is not 'nonlinear IV' in any sense. If distance is exogenous (as it obviously is) then including it and any nonlinear function of it is perfectly straightforward IV. You're just saying that education is a curvilinear function of distance to the capital (and whatever
included exogenous factors appear in the main equation).

To get a broader set of diagnostics for your IV model, you might want to use Baum-Schaffer-Stillman's -ivreg2-, latest version on SSC, documented extensively in Stata J 2003, 2007 (free downloads).


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