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st: How to return a Mata matrix in Stata

From   Alex Olssen <>
Subject   st: How to return a Mata matrix in Stata
Date   Fri, 12 Aug 2011 21:51:55 +1200

Dear Statalisters,

Can anyone help me return some matrices in a Stata program that calls
Mata?  My plan was to use -st_mata()- to names for the matrices and
then try a -return matrix- call in Stata.  Any help is appreciated.
Hopefully once I get my head around Mata I will be able to help some
people. :)  My code is below.  You can paste it straight into the
do-file editor and run it.  The problems are in the two lines that are
commented out.

sysuse auto, clear
keep price length weight

capture program drop mytheta
program define mytheta, rclass
	version 11
	mata theta()
	display as txt " theta = " as res r(theta)
	// return matrix eigval = r(eigval)
	// return matrix eigvec = r(eigvec)
	return scalar theta = r(theta)

capture mata mata drop theta()	
void theta()
	st_view(test = ., ., .)
	test_cov = variance(test)
	st_matrix("r(v)", test_cov)
	test_eigen = symeigensystem(test_cov, X = ., L = .)
	st_matrix("r(eigval)", X)
	st_matrix("r(eigvec)", L)
	st_numscalar("r(theta)", L[1]/sum(L))


Kind regards,
Alex Olssen
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