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st: One-sided test on difference between correlation coefficients

From   Michael Boehm <>
Subject   st: One-sided test on difference between correlation coefficients
Date   Sat, 30 Jul 2011 17:09:12 +0200

Dear all,

My coauthor and I are looking at the correlation between the
unemployment rate and the number of academic and non-academic job
offers in the American Economic Association's "Job Offers for
Economists" publication. We are computing correlations of the kind:

pwcorr acadnewjobs_res nonacadnewjobs_res unem, sig obs

                     | acadn~es nonaca..     unem
acadnewjo~es |   1.0000
                     |       274
nonacadne~es |   0.4460   1.0000
                     |   0.0000
                     |        273       273
            unem |  -0.1222  -0.2580   1.0000
                     |   0.0432   0.0000
                     |        274       273       409

Where unem is the unemployment rate and acadnewjobs_res and
nonacadnewjobs_res the seasonally adjusted number of academic and
non-academic new jobs, respectively, in a given month. We would like
to test whether the former are less cyclical than the latter, i.e.
whether the pwcorr(acadnewjobs_res,unem) <
pwcorr(nonacadnewjobs_res,unem). Does any of you have an idea how to
nicely do this in Stata?

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