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st: Re: exit from interactive Mata, gracefully?

From   Stas Kolenikov <>
Subject   st: Re: exit from interactive Mata, gracefully?
Date   Wed, 25 May 2011 23:29:27 -0500

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 10:35 PM, Joseph Coveney <> wrote:
> what is the appropriate way of handling the following situation? I
> have a do-file that uses a mix of Stata and Mata. At some point, due
> to some unsurmountable (numeric) difficulties (I actually have a
> rather complicated optimization problem), Mata has to break, and the
> do-file needs to be exited.  . . .
> [do-file omitted]
> So -stata("exit")- does not work there.  . . .
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It does for me.  See do-file and output below.
> Joseph Coveney

May be I did not explain it well. I added just one line:

== do-file ==
*! by Joseph Coveney

version 11.2

set more off

local decision `0'


if (st_local("decision") == "bail") {
      printf("Bailing out!\n")
      stata("exit = 0")
else {
      st_local("decision", "Flying home!")
printf("Still there...\n")


display in smcl as text "`decision'"
display in smcl as text "do-file terminated normally"

== end of do-file ==

You are "still there" no matter what the `decision' is. And I wanted
to exit before that once and for all.

Stas Kolenikov, also found at
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