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st: trouble with .wmf/.emf output of -twoway area- plot - and email system

From   <>
To   <>
Subject   st: trouble with .wmf/.emf output of -twoway area- plot - and email system
Date   Thu, 28 Apr 2011 11:09:44 +0200

As I see from the archive (I only get the Statalist digest once a day)  only the first half of my last mail was sent.
So I give it a second try. Sorry for reposting.

Hi statalisters,

a few month ago I switched from .png to .emf in graph export.

The vector format has some advantages (better scaling, enables non-Stata-user to adjust graph details).
Everything went fine with the graphs I produced (scatter, line, bar ...) but now I ran into trouble with -spmap- output. 

Spmap uses -twoway area- to produce choropleth maps so I checked if the problem occurs with -twoway area-. It does.

I use Stata MP 11.2 on Win XP Prof. *****

******* Test (example from the -twoway area- help file)

. help twoway area

. sysuse gnp96, clear
. twoway area d.gnp96 date

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