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st: retaining numeric formatting when using -outsheet-

From   "Beede, David N" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: retaining numeric formatting when using -outsheet-
Date   Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:16:15 -0500

Hi - 

I know this topic has come up before, and the answer was to set the display format within Stata.  But even so, I am having problems with it.  I have done a lot of due diligence to try to find the answer but can't (I also tried using StatTransfer and -xmlsave- without success).  I want to avoid as much format-fussing in Excel as I can, but if I have to I guess I will. But if anyone has a quick fix, I would be grateful to know it.  Thanks.

Here is a snippet of code:
		recast double v*
		format v* %20.0fc		
		format *
		l v1 v2
		outsheet v1 v2 using test.csv, replace comma

Here is an excerpt from the Stata log corresponding to the snippet:
variable name  display format
  v1             %20.0fc
  v2             %20.0fc

     | v1                v2 |
  1. | 21    27,649,503,232 |
  2. |  0                 0 |
  3. | 48   213,393,129,472 |
  4. | 18   185,502,416,896 |
And here is what the Excel file looks like after using -outsheet-
v1	v2
21	27649503232
0	0
48	2.13393E+11
18	1.85502E+11

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U.S. Department of Commerce
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