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RE: st: "Label define" syntax for "all other values"

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: "Label define" syntax for "all other values"
Date   Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:52:38 +0100

The straight answer is that -label define- does not offer the syntax imagined. In addition to Eric's strategy, another is 

clonevar rr_job2 = rr_job 
replace rr_job2 = 5 if !inlist(rr_job, 1, 2, 3, 4) 
label def rr_job2 1 "Driver" 2 "Conductor" 3 "Brakeman" 4 "Fireman" 5 "Stata user"
label val rr_job2 rr_job2 

-recode- is here naturally an alternative to -replace-. 


Dan Waldo

Thanks, Eric ... Your advice has put me on the right track (sorry about the pun).

I see that rearranging the code one can accommodate values of interest that appear less neatly among the possible values:

levelsof rr_job , local(lev)
foreach x in `lev' {
    lab def rr_jobf `x' "All Other Jobs", modify

lab def rr_jobf 1 "Driver" 5 "Conductor" 6 "Brakeman" 12 "Fireman", modify

lab li
lab val rr_job  rr_jobf

I had thought that perhaps there was a compact way to do this, akin to the SAS FORMAT procedure syntax:
value rr_jobf 1="Driver" 5="Conductor" 6="Brakeman" 12="Fireman" other="All other jobs";

... but such is life.

--- On Fri, 9/24/10, Eric Booth <> wrote:

> lab def rr_jobf 1 "Driver" 2 "Conductor" 3 "Brakeman" 4
> "Fireman", modify
> levelsof rr_job if rr_job>4, local(lev)
> foreach x in `lev' {
>     lab def
> rr_jobf   `x'  "All Other Jobs", modify
>     }
> lab li
> lab val rr_job  rr_jobf

Dan Waldo

> > Suppose that variable rr_job takes the values
> 1,2,3,...,999. Can I construct a format for this variable
> that specifies some values and lumps the rest into a
> catchall category? That is, can I write
> > 
> > label define rr_jobf 1 "Driver" 2 "Conductor" 3
> "Brakeman" 4 "Fireman" <other> "All other jobs"
> > 
> > where <other> represents the syntax I don't know
> but means any value not elsewhere specified.

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