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st: Logistic regression interpretation

From   "Dr. Bill Westman" <>
Subject   st: Logistic regression interpretation
Date   Tue, 21 Sep 2010 14:36:12 -0700

Dear Listers: I have more of a stats question than a stata question,
but here goes:

A simple logistic regression was run - outcome - Survived/Non Survived
(1/0), with Group(Treatmeant/Control -- 1/0) & Risk(High/Low -- 1/0)

The results
       Survived | Odds Ratio   Std. Err.      z    P>|z|     [95%
Conf. Interval]
    Risk |   4.790295   2.589136     2.90   0.004     1.660699    13.81763
   group |   2.111181   .9107981     1.73   0.083     .9063649    4.917538

Assuming the .10 level of significance was acceptable (for discussion purposes)

Can I assume that odds of treatment survival were 2.1  times higher in
the treatment Group for LOW risk patients?
And for High Risk patients in the treatment group is the adds 4. 8 +
2.1 (or 6 times higher)?

Other than test for interactions, can I run a graphs of these two groups?

Can I estimate the "average" effect of Treatment across both high and
low risk patients?  If so, how?

What other tests might I wish to do in Stata?


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