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Re: st: AW: How to get Stata 10 to export formatted tables to microsoft word or excel?

From   SCHOUMAKER Bruno <>
Subject   Re: st: AW: How to get Stata 10 to export formatted tables to microsoft word or excel?
Date   Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:04:56 +0200

- Tabout - is also very flexible and allows you to save tables as .csv files (but no regression results I think). You can then open the file directly from in excel, and use a simple macro to convert file If you have many files, it is also possible to write a visual basic script as part of your stata program, and run you VB script from excel.

Le 5/08/2010 14:46, Martin Weiss a écrit :

You should definitely take a look at the -estout- suite of commands
(user-written), which you can obtain from

ssc d estout


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[] Im Auftrag von Faiz Rasool
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 5. August 2010 14:33
Betreff: st: How to get Stata 10 to export formatted tables to microsoft
word or excel?

Hi all:

I'm new to Stata and to this email list. I'm a Blind student. I'm interested

to find out the ways of exporting tables to Microsoft word or excel in a way

that requires little manual formatting specially formatting that involves a
use of mouse. The information I've search on the internet regarding tables
produced by stata and moving them to word has largely suggested that 1
select the table in the results window, 2 select remove  | from the table
copy option, 3 paste it to a word processor of choice. Their are two basic
issues with this approach that do not allow me to follow it. 1 The table can

only be highlighted using a mouse. 2 The screen reading software that I use
does not read the contents of the results window,  it works fine with  menus

and variables window though. Presently I've to  coppy the entire results
window and paste it into microsoft word. Using this approach tables are not
at all formatted and I've to coppy and paste after every command to see what

is its output. Ideally I'd like that their is an option that lets me export
tables in formatted form, or require little input from a mouse in formatting

them. By tables I'm refering to all forms of tables from summary statistics
to regression results. I'm sorry if it is not allowed to mention SPSS here.
But it does do what I've requested above. I Wish Stata has this facility

Thanks all,

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