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st: RE: Estout for metan?,

From   "Tiago V. Pereira" <>
Subject   st: RE: Estout for metan?,
Date   Thu, 29 Jul 2010 17:13:57 -0300 (BRT)


A very straightforward solution is to create a folder with all your
meta-analyses numbered from 1 to 200, say, meta_analysis_1.dta,
meta_analysis_2.dta, and so on. Then, loop over them storing the results
as locals. Finally, create a single file will all results and use
-outsheet- to get a xls file (tab-delimited by default).

An very simple example is presented below.

All you need to modify is the path to find your files. If you use windows
the paths are like


Hope this helps.

Copy-paste tasks are really prone to errors! Let me know if this simple
code works for you. I did not check its accuracy.


*/------- start code -----------------------

local N = 200

*/ total no. of meta-analyses

forvalues i = 1/`N' {

*/ change the path below

use "/home/my_meta_analyses/meta_analysis_`i'.dta", clear
qui metan a b c d, or random notable nograph

local ES_`i' = r(ES)
local CI_low_`i' = r(ci_low)
local CI_upp_`i' = r(ci_upp)
local I2_`i' = r(i_sq)
local p_het_`i'  = r(p_het)

drop _all
set obs `N'

gene ES =.
gene CI_lower = .
gene CI_upper = .
gene I2 =.
gene p_het = .

forvalues i = 1/`N' {

replace ES = ES_`i' in `i'
replace CI_lower = CI_low_`i' in `i'
replace CI_upper = CI_upp_`i' in `i'
replace I2 = I2_`i' in `i'
replace p_het = p_het_`i' in `i'


gene ID = _n

*/ change the path below
outsheet using "/home/my_meta_analyses/all_resuls_in_a_single_file.xls",

*/------- end code -----------------------
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