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st: RE: input statement inside a while loop

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: input statement inside a while loop
Date   Thu, 8 Jul 2010 17:56:58 +0100

This has I think arisen recently but I am not going to try to search the
archives for "end". 

I guess you're right: -end- in a do-file or programming context is just
hopelessly ambiguous. 

If this example is close to the problem, then 

set obs 2 
gen lines1 = cond(_n == 1, "rec", "dat") 

is a way of avoiding 

		input str5 lines1

Another way is just to store that data in a separate dataset and read it
in each time. 


Ricardo Ovaldia, MS 

I am trying to create a data set inside a -while- loop but it keeps
failing. I think that the -end- confuses Stata. 
Here is a simplified version:
local i 1
	while `i'<=10 {
		set obs 100
		gen x=uniform()
		sum x
		input str5 lines1
                  save temp`i', replace
		local i=`i'+1

. local i 1

.         while `i'<=10 {
  2.                 clear
  3.                 set obs 100
  4.                 gen x=uniform()
  5.                 sum x
  6.                 clear
  7.                 input str5 lines1
  8.                         "rec"
  9.                         "dat"
 10.                 end

end of do-file

If I take out the -input- command it works. Any ideas?

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