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st: Assign year to observations (failures) based on proportion of successes in each year.

From   Brad Fedy <>
Subject   st: Assign year to observations (failures) based on proportion of successes in each year.
Date   Sat, 12 Jun 2010 00:17:44 -0600

I am interested in conducting a logistic regression with success=1 and
failure =0.  My success cases have a specific year associated with
them - my failures do not.  I have annual columns for each covariate
that are structured as: x_year, e.g. x_1998, x_1999, x1_1998, x1_1999.
 I have extracted the correct annual covariate value for the successes
(1) using code similar to this:

gen x_correct=.
forval i=1998/2008 {
    replace x_correct if x_year == `i' & success==1

I have many more failures than successes.  I want to assign a
particular year to each of the failures.  I want to distribute the
assignment of years to the failures based on the proportion of
successes that fell in a particular year. For example: if 25% of the
successful observations were in 1998, and 75% in 1999 I want to assign
a year value of 1998 to 25% of the failures and 1999 to the remaining
75% of the failures.  The data is panel structured, and therefore I
have to do this across multiple grouping variables e.g. households.

I would really appreciate any suggestions.


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