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RE: st: Stata 11.1 available

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Stata 11.1 available
Date   Thu, 3 Jun 2010 21:17:36 +0200


-ds- is also impatiently waiting for its manual entry to complete its


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[] On Behalf Of Fred Wolfe
Sent: Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010 21:14
Subject: Re: st: Stata 11.1 available

This is a great update. I noticed that estat concordance did not make
it into the PDF manuals, alas.

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 1:54 PM, William Gould, StataCorp LP
<> wrote:
> Stata 11.1 is now available.  It's free.  If you have Stata 11, type
> -update query- and follow the instructions.
> Usually we would stop right there, but this update is nearly an
> upgrade.  Highlights include,
>    o Multiple imputation (-mi-) now supports fitting panel-data and
>      multilevel models.
>    o Truncated count-data models.  New commands -tpoisson- and -tnbreg-
>      fit fit models of count-data outcomes with any form of left
>      truncation, including truncation that varies observation by
>      observation.
>    o Mixed models.  Linear mixed (multilevel) models allow more
>      covariance structures for the residuals, including exponential,
>      banded, and Toeplitz.
>     o Probability predictions.  -predict- after count-data models, such
>       as -poisson- and -nbreg-, can now predict the probability of
>       particular counts or range of counts.
>    o Survey bootstrap.  Estimation commands can now estimate survey
>      bootstrap standard errors (SEs) using user-supplied bootstrap
>      replicate weights.
>    o Survey SDR weights.  Successive difference replicate (SDR) weights
>      are now supported when estimating with survey data.  These weights
>      are supplied with many datasets from the U.S. Census Bureau.
>    o Concordance.  -estat concordance- adds a new measure of concordance,
>      Gonen and Heller's K, that is robust in the presence of censoring.
>    o Survey GOF.  Goodness-of-fit tests are now available after -probit
>      and -logitistic- estimates on survey data.
>    o Robust SEs.  Cluster-robust SEs have been added to -xtpoisson, fe-.
>    o Survey CV.  The coefficient of variation (CV) is now available
>      after estimation with survey data.
>    o Estimation output formatting.  Numerical formats can now be
>      customized on regression results.  You can set the number of
>      decimal places for coefficients, SEs, p-values, and confidence
>      intervals using either command-line options or the -set-
>      command.
>      Settings have also been added to control the display of factor
>      variables in estimation tables.  These display settings include
>      display of empty cells, display of base levels, and omitting
>      variables excluded because of collinearity.
>    o Stata/MP performance. Stata/MP has several performance
>      improvements:  many panel-data estimators are even more
>      parallelized, improved parallelization of estimations with more
>      than 200 covariates, and improved tuning of MP on large numbers
>      of processors/cores.
>    o Clipboard improvements.  Clipboard support in the Data Editor
>      has been enhanced.  Copies to the Clipboard now retain variable
>      formats and other characteristics of the data when pasting
>      within Stata.
>    o Windows XP.  The amount of memory available to Stata has been
>      increased on 32-bit Windows XP.
>    o Do-file Editor.  Syntax highlighting, bookmarks, and other
>      Do-file Editor features have been added to Stata for Mac.
>    o ODBC.  ODBC support has been added for Oracle Solaris (Sun
>      Solaris).
>    o Dialog boxes.  Dialog boxes on Unix now have varlist controls
>      that allow you to select variables from a list of variables in
>      your dataset.
> Type -update query- to download and install the update.
> -- Bill
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