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st: Disk caching (?), Win XP, Textpad, and Stata

From   Mike Lacy <>
Subject   st: Disk caching (?), Win XP, Textpad, and Stata
Date   Thu, 27 May 2010 15:56:38 -0600


I recently found out that I am experiencing occasions in which, having saved a modified version of a program before rerunning it in Stata, the new version does not get run, but instead version from perhaps seconds ago is run, giving the same error repeated. I write and run Stata programs in Textpad, and go back and forth from Stata to Textpad, modifying code, rerunning it, etc.

After thinking I was losing my mind ("I swore I just corrected that spelling mistake 2 sec. ago. Why is it still there?") What I think is going on is that, between whatever write-behind disk caching XP does (even when one turns it off), and whatever file-caching Stata might do, and whatever Textpad might do, a file saved in Textpad, even when saved several times in succession, is not resulting in the version being accessed by "do" being the freshest version. I find that doining a "save-as" rather than a "save" (but to the same filename) avoids the problem, but I don't think that this definitely conficts any one of the several softwares involved.

I'm running v.11, updated. It's my casual impression that I did not have this problem come up in v. 9 or 10. Anyone else experience this, or have any ideas for a cure? The problem, I think, could be either a main effect or interaction of the several software programs. And yes, I could change to a different OS or different text editor, but that seems like overkill for this problem. Using the built-in do file editor, for me, is not a choice until it permits remapping of the keyboard, contains good search and replace features, reg. expressions, etc. FWIW, I've had this problem on more than one Wintel machines, of quite different vintages.

Mike Lacy, Assoc. Prof.
Soc. Dept., Colo. State. Univ.
Fort Collins CO 80523 USA

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