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Re: Subject: st: Stata & LIMDEP comparison for count models

From   David Jacobs <>
Subject   Re: Subject: st: Stata & LIMDEP comparison for count models
Date   Mon, 03 May 2010 12:35:10 -0400

While it is true that Limdep has a few more count models including panel ZIP models and maybe hurdle models, Limdep is far more difficult to use.

For example, the older versions of Limdep I've used do not handle missing values well. In addition to this important difficulty, Limdep offers few of the convenience features that make Stata so convenient. And graph quality is not as strong in Limdep. Data manipulations are considerably more difficult as well.

My advice: Purchase both packages if you can afford them. But if you need to restrict your purchase to just one package, Stata clearly is superior for most tasks.

At 12:20 PM 5/3/2010, you wrote:
I just saw your query. Apologies for the delay.

LIMDEP is a very complete package for modeling counts, but still lacks in certain areas, which Stata has. Stata, LIMDEP, and recently R offer for more count models than other software. They are in a league by themselves in
this respect.

There are a host of count models. I think all of the basic and perhaps not-so basic, count models are offered in both Stata and LIMDEP. LIMDEP has a few more count models for panel data than Stata; eg random coefficient negative binomial, and offers the full range of truncated and censored Poisson and NB models. Official Stata does not have censored count models, for example, but user authored censored count models can be downloaded from the SSC site. LIMDEP does not have various count models that are available as user created ado files; eg finite mixture models, quantile count models. In many respects it's a trade off.

LIMDEP may have a few more count models, but many are seldom used. Stata is a really very good package for modeling counts, and should be satisfactory for most needs. New models are being created by someone within
the Stata community all of the time.

Joseph Hilbe

Hilbe, Joseph M. (2006). â??A Review of LIMDEP 9.0 and NLOGIT 3.0â??, The American Statistician, Vol 60, Nu 2 [May 2006]. Hilbe, Joseph M. (2005), "A Review of Stata 9.0", The American Statistician Vol. 59, Nu 3 [Aug 2005] 14 pages.

From: "Kaganova, Yevgeniya" <>
Subject: st: Stata & LIMDEP comparison for count models
Dear Statalisters, I need to compare Stata and LIMDEP capabilities for count models.
Is there a good source where I can read about it ?
Thank you. Eugenia

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