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Re: st: file already exists error

Subject   Re: st: file already exists error
Date   Fri, 26 Mar 2010 12:10:23 -0700 (PDT)


The file names, such as ST_0000001b.tmp are made up by Stata as you request tempfiles. They are unique wihin your session, and get deleted when your do-file or session ends (whichever created the tempfile).

They are not unique between sessions.

I suspect that at some earlier time, you had generated one or more tempfiles, and then there was some sort of crash or abrupt ending, and Stata did not delete the file(s).

Now, as you request tempfiles, you occasionally bump into those same names. You should look in C:\DOCUME~1\cohened\LOCALS~1\Temp\ to see if there are old tempfiles in there, with names such as ST_0000001b.tmp -- and delete them.

(Another possibility is multiple concurrent users; I don't think you have that.)


--- On Fri, 3/26/10, Cohen, Elan <> wrote:

This is a hard error to report since I get it haphazardly, and it's been impossible for me to replicate.

Occasionally, I will get an error that says:

file C:\DOCUME~1\cohened\LOCALS~1\Temp\ST_0000001b.tmp already exists

This error can come after any command; today -symmetry-, yesterday -reshape-.  Sometimes the error will stop happening if I simply rerun the command, sometimes I need to wait 5 minutes, and sometimes I need to restart Stata entirely.

It may be important to know that I don't have admin priveleges on my computer but since it seems to be writing to my personal space, I'm not sure how that would be the problem.  

Is there a way to check to check if my Stata installation is corrupt?  Any other suggestions?

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