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st: "covariates in dataset 2 do not match covariates in dataset1"

From   Michelle L Stransky <>
Subject   st: "covariates in dataset 2 do not match covariates in dataset1"
Date   Mon, 15 Mar 2010 18:46:22 -0400

Hello everyone,

I'm working with a multiply imputed dataset (so I have 5 poverty variables to account for missing values). I used the -reshape long- command to make each imputed variable it's own case (so now, for each case, I have it listed 5 times each with 1 imputation of income).

I'm running a series of regressions, trying to fine tune the predictor variables. The first regression runs fine but subsequent regressions (whether I use my .do file or copy & paste them into the command window) will not calculate. I receive an error message stating that "covariates in dataset 2 do not match covariates in dataset1".

I checked the file and everything seemed fine; the only things that don't exactly match across imputations of the dataset are the poverty values. In fact, I've used this exact procedure on 2 other (very similar) datasets with no problems. It's only been in the last month that I receive this message.

What doesn't make sense to me is that the first regression command runs perfectly fine but subsequent commands do not (they're all in exactly the same form-- mim: svy: logistic dv iv1 iv2 iv3). And if I close Stata and then open it and run the second regression it works. I've attempted to run this analysis on Stata9 Intercooled and Stata11 SE. It doesn't seem to matter; I receive the same error.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for me as to why this happens and/or how to fix it?

Thanks for your help.


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