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st:multiple imputation(-mi-) :error message & ordinal categorical items

From   Mandy fu <>
Subject   st:multiple imputation(-mi-) :error message & ordinal categorical items
Date   Thu, 4 Mar 2010 14:55:23 -0500

I was wondering if someone could give me some help with two questions
about -mi-.

************************first question******************************
I used remote (off-campus) access to Stata 11 which is owned by my
university. My data set is saved at an online drive.  After I tried to set
mi style as wide, mlong and flong, computer gave the same error
message as following:
"could not find a filename for temporary flongsep file
  I tried __mitmpfile1.dta through __mitmpfile200.dta.  Perhaps you
do not have write permission in this directory.
When I tried to use --mi set flongseq name-- , no matter how I changed
the name, the error information was  invalid name.

 I was wondering if the problem is caused by the remote access ?

************************Second question******************************
Is it OK to use --mi impute mvn--to impute ordinal items? I
know --mvn--should be used when the items are continuous normal
distributed variables. But,  is it OK or is it absolutely
unacceptable? What if I impute the items using –mi impute ologit—on
the items one by one instead of imputing them simultaneously?

By the way, the previous discussion about this issue from the
following link(
is very good.

Thanks for your time!


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