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What do "high performance computer resources" mean to you? Probably Stata/MP? If so, the authors of the command probably need to make an effort to take advantage of several processors. Official Stata`s -xtmixed- does not seem to benefit from multiple processors, though: See, page 112. Probable reason: Its code is not amenable to parallelization. The same may well apply to -gllamm-. HTH Martin

> Datum: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 14:14:26 -0500> Von: Hillel Alpert <>
> An:> Betreff: st: gllamm and computational speed 
> Could anyone please advise how much of an increase in speed of gllamm be> expected with use of high performance computer resources? The data set is
> very large and processing is prohibitively slow using Stata SE and 64 bit> computer. Will it run fast enough to compare models within an hour or so?> 
> Hillel Alpert> > 

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