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st: question regarding graph design

From   "" <>
Subject   st: question regarding graph design
Date   Mon, 21 Dec 2009 09:38:14 +0100

Dear STATA-Users,
Once more I ask for your advice. Within a study I analyzed the time until failure of different units of analysis depending on the entry of a specific event. I used event history analysis, more specifically accelerated failure time models (log-logistic distribution).
Put differently, in the study I question the effect the entry of the event (variable coded 0 or 1) has on the risk of failure of a unit. Additionally, I analyzed potential moderators of this effect. Within my models, especially the size of the unit moderates the intensity of the effect of the entry of the event. That is, for large units, the entry of the event is less harmful than for small ones. 
However, I would like to plot this interaction effect graphically. Any recommendations what kind of graph to use? Or, what kinds of graphs do you use for plotting interaction effects?
Thank you very much for any suggestion.

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