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st: help with fractional logit and marginal effects

From   george joseph <>
Subject   st: help with fractional logit and marginal effects
Date   Tue, 15 Dec 2009 13:44:21 -0500

Dear all,
I am trying to estimate a fractional logit model to understand the
determinants of test score achievement. The command I use is given
glm pengscore1 $neavar, fam(bin) link(logit) robust eform

mfx compute

The dependent variable, pengscore1 originally ranges from 0-100(
percentage of correct answers) which I rescaled to 0-1.  neavar are
independent variables denoting school characteristics like teacher
pupil ratio, penetage of trained teachers , urban etc. My question is
the folllowing.
1. Since I rescaled the dependent variable, how do I get the correct
marginal effects- should I use- mfx compute or mfx compute , eyex.
Since the dependent variable is rescaled how do I interpret the
marginal effects.

All suggestions and help will be most appreciated.


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