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st: Factor Analysis with Sampling Weights

From   Alp Eren Yurtseven <>
Subject   st: Factor Analysis with Sampling Weights
Date   Fri, 11 Dec 2009 11:50:03 +0200

Dear Statalist contributors,

I would like to perform a two stage factor analysis on a data set with sampling weights. That is, in the first stage I will perform factor analysis on 8 groups of variables. In the second stage I will run factor analysis on the factor scores obtained from the previous stage. A similiar approach was adopted by Verspagen and Srholec ( pweight option is allowed in polychoric function, so I can feed the corresponding correlation matrix (with sampling weights) to factormat function. Similiarly means with sampling weights can also be used with the factormat function. I need feedback on the validity of this approach. I'd also appreciate if you could help me on how to properly incorporate standard deviations to factormat function to calculate factor scores. Thanks in advance.

Alp Eren Yurtseven

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