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st: psiduse updated on SSC

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   st: psiduse updated on SSC
Date   Thu, 10 Dec 2009 14:24:49 +0100

Courtesy of Kit Baum, -psiduse- have been updated on SSC. Please type

. adoupdate psiduse, update

to update an installed version of -psiduse-, or use 

. ssc install psiduse

to install -psiduse-.

-psiduse- is intended to make retrievals from the data base of the
American "Panel Study of Income Dynamics" real easy. It does this by
allowing the user to copy/paste the variable listings produced by the
PSID Data Center ( into the command.
-psiduse- then seeks the files in which the listed variables are stored,
merges them, and renames the variables to allow easy reshaping. It also
lets the user to choose between a balanced panel design and various
unbalanced designs. Finally it eases merging PSID data with data from
the Cross National Equivalence File (CNEF).

The updated version is intended for the most recent data delivery of the
PSID (survey year 2007). 

The update further corrects two bugs:

(1) -psiduse ..., design(balanced)- produced an unbalanced panel data
set when combined with option -cnef-

(2) -psiduse- used all persons on which information information were
ascertained by the survey to create balanced panel data. This have been
changed. -psiduse- now only uses information from all persons actually
living in a psid family when creating balanced panel data. 

Many regards

+49 (0)30 36991040

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