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st: help on outreg2

Subject   st: help on outreg2
Date   26 Oct 2009 01:02:16 +0000

Hi, When I run the following regression, for some reason outreg2 doesn't 
report e(cdf) and e(jp)? They appear as text in the output (e.g. e(cdf) and 
e(jp), cdf and jp are not replaced by the statistics). This code used to 
work with outreg which was replaced by outreg2 later. Please help Thanks 

xi: ivreg2 dlgovcons (dlrgdp =dlimpdem) $cdum, gmm outreg2 dlrgdp using 
finalres, excel nolabel bdec(2) ti(GMM Regression Results with Country 
Dummies) addstat (Cragg-Donald Stat., e(cdf), P-value Hansen test, e(jp)) 
stats(aster coef se) replace

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