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st: Problem with Left Truncation

From   "Liu, Elaine " <emliu@Central.UH.EDU>
To   <>
Subject   st: Problem with Left Truncation
Date   Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:26:07 -0500

Dear Statalist readers,

I have a question regarding the use of survival analysis with a problem
similar to left truncation.

We are doing survival analysis, but unlike other dataset, our dataset
only includes observations that have failed. 

Once it fails, the dataset would provide detail information on the date
one starts to be at risk, when it fails, some other individual
characteristics(X') at the entry time. 

Our goal is to estimate the impact of X on the probability of survival. 

I think it's a common problem in medicine (for example if you are
estimating the probability some event causes death but you only observe
people after they died)

I have checked several posts in the archive and the textbook solution to
left truncation, but they don't seem to address the problem. 

This is my first time posting in this community. Let me know if more
information is needed. 

Thank you very much.


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