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st: SV: RE: Venn diagram

From   "Tomas Lind" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: SV: RE: Venn diagram
Date   Mon, 19 Oct 2009 09:51:47 +0200

Stata quits when I specify a Venn diagram with ellipses

sysuse auto
generate x1 = (mpg<15)
generate x2 = (headroom<3.5)
generate x3 = (trunk<10)
generate x4 = (weight<3000)
* tab x1 
* tab x2
* tab x3
* tab x4

// This works fine
venndiag x1  x2  x3 , square show(c d p 1)    

// This does not work
// I get an error message in a popup-window telling me that Stata has found
// a problem and has to quit (do you want to send an error-report to 
// Microsoft). 
venndiag x1  x2  x3 x4 , ellipse show(c d p 1)   


-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
[] För Nick Cox
Skickat: den 16 oktober 2009 19:42
Ämne: st: RE: Venn diagram

Please specify what "doesn't work" means. 

What did you type? What happened? 


Tomas Lind

The ado-file venndiag doesn´t work with option ellipse. I am running Stata
10 on a PC and have updated venndiag. Does somebody know what´s wrong?

which venndiag


*! Venn Diagram graphs V 2.11,   (STB-54: gr34.3)
*! dec1999 JM.Lauritsen enhanced design (Stata 6)
*!                     (Martin Villumsen sorted out mathematics on ellipses)
*! Venn Diagram graphs Version 1.02, JM.Lauritsen STB-47/48/49 gr34.2 (stata

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