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Re: st: Using the 2008 American National Election Study with Stata v.11

From   Nick Winter <>
Subject   Re: st: Using the 2008 American National Election Study with Stata v.11
Date   Thu, 15 Oct 2009 09:22:30 -0400

The ANES weights should be used as pweights.

In recent studies (eg, the 2004 dataset), ANES supplies a variable that indicates "strata" and "psus" that can be used for BRR or Taylor-series approaches to variance estimation. (They don't release the complete sampling information to prevent possible identification of individual respondents -- this is discussed, eg, in the introductory materials for the 2004 study documentation:

So until the final,complete release of the 2008 data, you are stuck with just using the appropriate pweight.

(As an aside, in my experience, taking proper account of the stratification and clustering in the ANES datasets has not had dramatic effects on standard errors. But of course my prior experience doesn't guarantee your future performance....)

- NW wrote:
It states that "comprehensive instructions will accompany the full
release of the Panel Study Data."

  I'm not familiar with ANES, but neither the paper Bob found nor the
user guide have anything about weights centered at zero. (The paper
does recommend that weights be scaled so that they sum to 1.)  In
fact, weights<0 would be rejected by any survey program.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 6:07 AM, Peter Wielhouwer
<> wrote:
Subject: Re: st: Using the 2008 American National Election Study with Stata

Thanks, Richard. I've been looking through the SVY manual, but what the ANES
dataset provides are individual weighting variables (post estimation weights
centered on zero, as described in the paper you pointed me to. I agree that
it would be nice for ANES to be more specific about how to use Stata well
with the dataset.

At 04:20 PM 10/14/2009, Peter Wielhouwer wrote:

Is anyone familiar with using the 2008 NES with Stata? I have two
specific questions:

1. Which weight command is most appropriate for the data? Based on the
Stata UG, it seems that the -iweight- syntax is most appropriate, but is
that correct?

I am not familiar with the data set, but I would be amazed if
iweights were the way to go.  My guess is you want pweights. googling
around found this recent paper:

If you google around some more though, maybe you can find something
easier to wade through; it is nice when a data set explicitly tells
you how to set the weights in Stata.

2. In the ANES 2008 user guide, we are advised, "due to the complex
sample design of the ANES, sampling errors and related statistics
(including confidence intervals, p-values, t-tests, and all other tests
of statistical significance) should not be calculated using methods
intended for simple random samples." In light of this, which would be
the appropriate statistics to use in Stata?

I think the correct question is not what statistics should I use, but
what statistical methods should I use to get the correct
statistics.  Since you have Stata 11, you should also have the SVY
manual available in pdf form.  Just click help/ PDF
documentation.  If bookmarks are open then on the left hand side
you'll see the svy manual.  After you've gone over the opening
explanatory material, the section on svy estimation will highlight
the many commands you have available.  You'll probably want commands
like svy: tabulation, svy: mean, svy: regress, svy: logit, etc.

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