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st: prediction of model using svy-commands

From   Rune Nielsen <>
Subject   st: prediction of model using svy-commands
Date   Thu, 08 Oct 2009 09:25:51 +0200

Dear statalist-members,
I'm running a model (multiple linear regression) using the svy-prefix to adjust for a stratified sample. The outcome is log-transformed due to large left-skewing. 

I would like to do some predictions using prvalue from the spost-package. However, this is not possible when I've used the survey-version of regress. Does anybody know a simple solution to this? I've already tried running the model without svy, but specifying pweight and vce(cluster clustervar), but then I don't get reliable confidence intervals. 

Grateful for any answers (in simple language for a non-statician)

Best wishes,

Rune Nielsen

Rune Nielsen, MD, research fellow
Institute of Medicine, Bergen, Norway

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