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Re: st: Return a specific bit from integer variable

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: Return a specific bit from integer variable
Date   Mon, 05 Oct 2009 10:57:38 -0400

The trick is to reduce by half going down from the top,
keeping the remainders:

 * generate an 8-bit integer *
 clear all
 set obs 1000
 gen myvar=round(uniform()*(2^7),1)

 * here's the part you need *
 clonevar newvar=myvar
 forv i=0/7 {
	local bit=7-`i'
	gen byte bit`i'=newvar-2*floor(newvar/2)
	replace newvar=floor(newvar/2)


Steinar Fossedal wrote:
Hello again, listers!

I have imported an 8-bit integer variable where each bit represents a
flag telling me if some property of the observation is true or false.

E.g. the number 8 in binary format is 00001000, while 10 would be
00001010. Bit nr. 4 from the left tells me if a car is delivered or
not, while the second to the right tells me if it's paid or not. So 8
= car is delivered but not paid, 2 = paid but not delivered, 10 = paid
and delivered, etc.

I need to split this information into 8 dummyvariables so they can be
used to segment my data.

Does there exist a fairly smooth way to do this in Stata?

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