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st: nested forvalues loop

From   "Ariel Linden" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: nested forvalues loop
Date   Fri, 2 Oct 2009 10:10:00 -0700

Hi Fellow Stata Users,

I have a basic question about structuring this nested forvalues loop (Stata

I have a panel data set and I want to focus on months 13 thru 24. In each
loop I want to use the lagged values for all the prior months. So I have `i'
which loops through the months 13 thru 24, and `j' that is intended to
increase the lag at each iteration.

For example month 14 should have 0/1 lag and month 24 should have 0/10 lags.

I would appreciate feedback as to if I wrote this correctly. 

forvalues i=14/24 {

	forvalues j=1/10 {

capture logit  Y l(0/`j').X1 l(0/`j').X2 l(0/`j').X3 month if month==`i'

predict ps`i' if month == `i'

Thanks in advance


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