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Re: st: Snow Leopard breaks Stata file util commands

From   "Eric A. Booth" <>
Subject   Re: st: Snow Leopard breaks Stata file util commands
Date   Mon, 31 Aug 2009 06:45:39 -0500

Which command are you running to shell out to the OS?
-winexec ls-  ?
-!ls -  ?
 -shell ls-  ?

This could very well be an issue with the Stata - Snow Leopard interaction since it works with interactive mode but not in batch mode, but it might be a problem with your computer's $PATH order, $SHELL, or bash_profile. I don't have 10.6 on my machine yet to test this, but I am curious about whether this is some problem with your $PATH order...take a look in terminal. Have you installed MacPorts or Fink previously (during the upgrade/migration/install you may have removed/moved something that affected a dynamically linked library that it relies on)?

What happens if you run -!/bin/ls- or -shell "/bin/ls"- ( instead of just -!ls- or -shell ls-)? If this is your issue, you can either change your PATH so that /bin and /sbin are ahead of /opt/local/bin and /opt/local/sbin or throw out all of your fink or macports install. If this is not the issue, I'd be interested to see some from Stata respond--I've had success in contacting their tech support directly when it's this kind of issue ( ).



Eric A. Booth
Public Policy Research Institute
Texas A&M University
Office: +979.845.6754

On Aug 31, 2009, at 5:58 AM, Nikos Askitas wrote:

I have recently installed Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) on my Macbook Pro
(newly purchased) and now "shell, ls, dir" etc do not work in StataSE 10.

To be more precise everything is just fine in command line stata but they break in GUI stata. MacOS pops up the debugger with a post mordem the most interesting
part of which (and probably the root of the problem is):
Application Specific Information:
abort() called

It should be noted that stata GUI stata does not really crash. This indicates that the message above describes the situation: GUI stata is threading without an exec before and this is no longer allowed in Mac OS 10.6. This crashes the thread but not the application.

Large parts of my code relies on the stata file utils and hence is not working any more. Chances are stata 11 has the same issues. If anybody from stata is listening a quick fix would be greatly

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