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Stata 11 icons come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different icon
display settings in both Windows and Mac.  For icons that are larger than
16x16 pixels, the icons contain the Stata application logo and the file
extension is displayed on top of a red band in the upper left corner of the
icons.  The Stata application logo makes it pretty obvious it's a Stata file
and the file extension in the icon helps show what kind of Stata file it is
even if file extensions are hidden by the OS.

However, for the small "list" icons, the icons are limited to 16x16 pixels.
It's not possible to display the file extension in such a small icon and be
legible.  And we couldn't use the Stata logo because we needed a way to
differentiate the files in case file extensions are hidden.  So we kept the
red band for visual consistency with the larger sized icons and used graphical
representations of the file types such as a pencil over text for do-files, a
spreadsheet grid for data, and a bar chart for a graphs, to differentiate the

-Chinh Nguyen

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