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Re: st: Has anyone used STATA 11 on Windows 7 (32bit)?

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: Has anyone used STATA 11 on Windows 7 (32bit)?
Date   Wed, 19 Aug 2009 13:32:40 -0400

I've had 64bit XP on a 64bit PC for a couple of years,
works like a charm. Stata allocates 15gb, no problem.

hope this helps,

Ada Ma wrote:
Hi Statalisters,

I am wondering how much memory I will be able to call upon within
STATA 11, given that I will be using a Windows 7 32-bit PC.

My experience with Windows XP (32bit) is that the maximum amount of
memory I can call for within STATA (v 10) is 1100m, sometimes 1300m,
but never anything approaching 2GB.  I have never used STATA 11.

I am considering whether it is worthwhile to buy a bunch of new 32bit
PCs with 3GB of memory that will be used for the next four years.
With the data sets we use growing bigger every day I think, for our
purposes, we should buy new PCs should at least allow us to set memory
to 2GB.  The Windows OS is the only option we may take, so we won't be
able to adopt solutions that involve the use of alternative OSs.

I would greatly appreciate any experience you have with STATA 11
and/or Windows 7 32-bit you would care to share!

Thank you.


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