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st: constraints on 2SLS parameters

From   "Susaeta ,Andres" <>
Subject   st: constraints on 2SLS parameters
Date   Thu, 13 Aug 2009 01:59:43 -0400 (EDT)

Hello there

I'm dealing with a simulatenous equation system like the following 
one and I'm using ivreg to calculate the parameters

ivreg y1 x1 (q1 q2 q3 =a b c)
ivreg y2 x1 (z1 z2 z3 =a b c)
ivreg y3 x1 (q1 q2 q3= a b c)

I want to impose certain symmetry, for example, parameter of 
q1=parameter of z1 and parameter of z2= parameter of q2. I have 
tried to use the constraint option but I get a massage that 
constraint option is not allowed for ivreg. Any suggestions woulde 
be apprecciated!
Thanks in advance!!

Susaeta Larrain,Andres

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