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st: Transforming a decimal number into hours and minutes

From   Peer Skov <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Transforming a decimal number into hours and minutes
Date   Fri, 7 Aug 2009 10:54:17 +0000

Hi listers,
I am working with a survey dataset. The individuals have all been asked to report how much time they have spent on a specific activity. The answers are recorded in the dataset as a numeric variable the provided answers are integers (hours worked). 
I want to assign conditional means to the individuals who have not answered the hour question. Calculating the means leads to a decimal number and therefore I need to transform the decimal-part into minutes. Since Statas date function only work with strings and a decimal number cannot be turned in to a string I am not sure how I can solve it.
bysort edu: egen hoursA=mean(hours)
replace hours=hoursA if hours ==. & active == 1
I need to turn 3.89 into 3.53
All thoughts are much appreciated.
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