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st: Announcing Stat/Transfer 10

From   Steven Dubnoff <>
Subject   st: Announcing Stat/Transfer 10
Date   Thu, 06 Aug 2009 16:29:08 -0700

Dear Stata Users:

We are pleased to announce that Stat/Transfer Version 10 is
now shipping on Windows, Mac OS-X, and Linux.

Stat/Transfer Version 10 has added full support for the following formats:

     * Matlab Seven Datasets
     * SPSS Version 17
     * Statistica Versions 7-9 (on Windows)
     * SAS Version Nine
     * Triple-S Survey Interchange Format

Stat/Transfer Version 10 has a number of new or improved
features, including:

    * International character set support. Stat/Transfer
      can now read datasets in any character set, including
      multibyte, far-eastern, and Unicode characters.

    * Expanded Options. The option screens have been expanded
      and reorganized to allow much greater control over the
      transfer process and the user interface.

    * Long variable labels for Stata. Variable labels longer
      than Stata's eighty character maximum are now written to
      Stata both as truncated variable labels and, in full, as
      Stata notes.

    * Automatic program generation. You can specify that a
      program for the command processor be written when a
      transfer is carried out using the Stat/Transfer user
      interface. All of the information you have specified for
      the transfer will be translated into a Stat/Transfer
      command file, including all of your option settings.
      This enables you to reproduce your transfer operation
      either from the user interface or as a batch job from
      your operating system. It also allows you to precisely
      document how your transfer was performed.

    * Improved data viewer. The data viewer has been improved
      and will now display long strings, international
      character sets, variable characteristics and value labels.

We thank you for your continued support.

Steven Dubnoff

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