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st: Panel data regression

From   Andreas Hatzigeorgiou <>
Subject   st: Panel data regression
Date   Thu, 6 Aug 2009 19:29:12 +0200


Insights on the the following problem would be greatly appreciated.
The goal is to run a pooled panel data regression using xtreg. The
data contains reporters (i), partners (j), years (y) and bilateral
flows (f_i), where i is number of categories of different types of
goods. There is not a problem running xtreg on the aggregate flow
level (sum of flows by years). But on the disaggregate level it is not
possible to use xtsset (partner year) due to "repeated time values
within panel". I know that identifier and time variables need to
uniquely identify the data, but in this case I can't see how this is
possible since the identifier (j) and the time variable (y) will be
constant over the different categories of goods traded. Is there a way
around this problem so I still can use xtreg on disaggregate data?

Many thanks in advance,

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