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st: AW: Documentation for the SMCL -findalias- command

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: AW: Documentation for the SMCL -findalias- command
Date   Mon, 3 Aug 2009 19:04:54 +0200


help checkhlpfiles

does mention it. It is not a documentation, though...


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Betreff: st: Documentation for the SMCL -findalias- command

Is the SMCL -findalias- command documented anywhere? And, if not, is there a
reason for this?

I ask because I am currently updating one of my packages to Stata 11, so it
can deal with factor variables. I wanted my on-line help file to refer to
the .pdf manual entry

[U] 11.4.3 Factor variables

and, to find the best way to do this, I looked in the file -fvvarlist.sthlp-
(shipped as part of official Stata 11), and found that the help references
at the bottom contained the paragraph

Manual:  {findalias frfvvarlists}

which seemed to imply the existence of a SMCL -findalias- command. I
incorporated a similar paragraph in my own .sthlp file, which seemed to
work. I then attempted to find documentation of the -findalias- command by
typing, in Stata,

whelp smcl

and then doing a Stata word search on -findalias-. Nothing was found. So I
tried typing, in Stata,

findit findalias

which also returned no matches. So I then typed, in Stata,

whelp undocumented

and searched there. However, I have not yet found anything.

Is there any documentation for the -findalias- command? And, if not, is
there a special reason for this? And, if StataCorp want to discourage us
from using -findalias-, then what do they want to encourage us to use

Best wishes (and thanks in advance)


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