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st: Fwd: Combining -forvalues- and -foreach-

From   Leonor Saravia <>
Subject   st: Fwd: Combining -forvalues- and -foreach-
Date   Fri, 31 Jul 2009 16:07:31 -0400

I have found my error. Now it it works:

forvalues i = 1/6 {
foreach v of var p16_200`i' {
	destring `v', replace

Thank you!

Leonor Saravia

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From: Leonor Saravia <>
Date: 2009/7/31
Subject: Combining -forvalues- and -foreach-

Dear Statalisters,

I have a list of string (with numeric meaningful numeric text)
variables: p1_2000 p1_ 2001 p1_2003 p1_2004 p1_2005 p1_2006

I was trying to -destring- them using the next code, but it is not working:

    forvalues i = 0/6 {
    foreach v of p1_200`i' {
    destring `v', replace
Please, could you tell me if it is posible to do this loop combining
the -forvalues- and the -foreach- commands, and if it is not posible,
would you give an idea of a "good" way to do it.
Thank you in advance,

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