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Re: st: SUR estimation in panels (xtsur)

Subject   Re: st: SUR estimation in panels (xtsur)
Date   Sat, 25 Jul 2009 18:52:04 +0200

It happens to me, too. This is because -xtsur- needs Stata 10, while I have Stata 9.2 only
Maybe did you forget to tell us your now using the latest Stata version???

P.S. I'll NOT receive/read any email but the Digest.

At 02.33 20/07/2009 -0400, kokootchke wrote:
>I would like to estimate a SUR model in an unbalanced panel. I found the command -xtsur- and installed it using:
>ssc install xtsur
>This command apparently installed something but if I type -help xtsur-, I see nothing. I thus don't know what the syntax should be, what options this command takes, etc. 

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