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st: merge not full identified datasets

From   "Martin Baumgarten" <>
Subject   st: merge not full identified datasets
Date   Tue, 28 Jul 2009 13:43:53 +0200

Hello all,

I try to merge two datasets [merge partner year using "E:\....dta", unique sort] of the following kind

Reporter	Partner	  Year	 Value
1	        A	  1992	
1	        B	  1992	
1	        A	  1993	
1       	B	  1993	
2       	A	  1992	
2        	B         1992	
2	        A         1993	
2	        B	  1993	

Partner	 Year	Index
A	 1992	
B	 1993	

What I want to do is to link the entries of Index from  Set2 to each respective partner in Set1 and that for each year.
However, Stata does not want to because “partner” does not identify  Set1 and there are multiple entries for the same year and partner. But even if I use “one-to-many key variables” Stata still does not connect some of the observations. 

Hope somebody can help me.

Best wishes

m. baumgarten
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